As many companies and their employees feel seasonal celebrations are more important this year than ever, it does seem that the traditional Christmas party might not be possible. However, Christmas this year can still communicate a sense of renewed confidence for the year ahead.

And what better way to say ‘we are here and we are moving forward’ than a beautifully decorated reception? It is a joyous way to welcome staff and visitors, even if we are not yet all back to a full working week.

Customers and clients, suppliers and staff will all appreciate the celebration and will share in all that a Christmas theme can bring.


An easy and effective Christmas

At Valley Provincial we provide our clients with a full decoration and installation service that will transform every entrance hall, and fill it with a true seasonal cheer.

From fully bedecked real Norwegian firs, to the very latest in lifelike artificial alternatives, with sizes ranging from 5ft to 20ft, we have the right tree for each location and any budget.

We are also able to offer a range of seasonal wreaths and other decorations, all pre-prepared, delivered and installed by our expert staff.

If you are looking to transform the company mood this Christmas then see for yourself how we can help you bring a little magic into your space.

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