Unexpected damage is a nightmare for commercial property owners.

It causes endless hassle and hits your finances hard with a non-budgeted expense – not to mention the money lost while repairs are being completed.

That’s why, for instance, you protect your property against criminal damage with security systems. But what about damage from trees?

It’s often something that landlords forget about, but tree damage can have a massive impact with an equally big repair bill. Read on as we explore the risks of unmanaged trees, and how to protect your property from damage.

How close is too close?

Trees are a great feature for a property’s surroundings. They add to the appearance and curb appeal, as well as improving the air quality. That’s not the case when they’re too close though. Trees that are growing too close to a building can damage its foundations when their root system expands.

Above the ground, trees that are too close often cause damage to windows and guttering. They can also grow to obscure the view of security cameras or beams. A tree next to the property may seem innocent in its infancy, but as they grow, trees put pressure on a building’s fixtures. It’s important to have your site assessed, and have any trees removed as soon as possible if they’re located too close to the building.

Growing uncontrollably

It’s not just poorly located trees that cause problems. When trees are left to grow and grow, branches can fall and cause serious damage. As well as the potential risk to people on site, falling branches can collapse onto roofs and windows, leading to shattered windows or structural damage.

Then there’s the wildlife. Overgrown trees and shrubbery can attract anything from ants and spiders to mice and squirrels, which can be invasive. This may seem like uncontrollable growth to the average property owner, but it’s actually a very simple thing to manage for a professional.

Protective pruning

While falling branches and structural damage is more likely to grab the headlines, another issue from overgrown trees is with the leaves and small twigs. Excess foliage gathers in and around gutters, which often results in blockages. When gutters become blocked, the next step is usually leaking, flooding and hefty repair costs.

Foliage can also accumulate on rooftops, holding moisture around the tiling. This allows dark spots to develop and can even lead to rot over time. The solution is simple – keep trees well pruned around buildings.

Health Assessment

There’s a whole heap of reasons why a tree could become unhealthy. There are also ways of telling just when it is and what to do to help nurse it better before it becomes too late and the next set of heavy winds uproots it, causing serious damage or interference with your commercial property. Having someone who knows what to look out for and doing a quick health check regularly can save you time and money.

Get in the professionals

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