Once completed, the “The Holyrood Project”, the Scottish Parliament Building was talked of less for its splendour, than for the fact that it was three years late and cost 10 times its original price tag.

Yet cost and time overruns are commonplace in construction. KPMG estimate that almost one in seven projects run over budget by more than 10%. Their report picks out several factors:

  • Poor allocation of time and resources
  • Lack of foresight
  • Poor communication/opposing stakeholder and competitor views
  • The scope of the project takes a different path
  • Materials and equipment overspend/failure

These issues share an underlying common root; failure to clearly communicate what is required at each stage of the project. These issues begin long before teams arrive on site.

Why experience counts

Over three decades working in landscaping construction has taught our teams that we hold responsibility to fully understand client expectations. As as well as this, we need to understand every aspect of their project requirements.

Only by doing so, can we pre-empt problems and truly add value.

It is no longer enough for suppliers to be knowledgeable about their own business, as that risks a “silo” approach, where critical issues can be missed.

Developers want a team on board that understands each step required and how to make proactive suggestions so that a project remains on track. Valley Provincial invests in detailed planning and site coordination.

During one recent project, for example, some of the products specified required minimum order quantities as special-order items. We recommended alternatives, which in turn saved our client a considerable amount of time and money.

Whilst time and money in landscaping construction are always at risk, the last 30 years taught us experience is essential to mitigate loss.

It is what we mean when we talk about a complete service from initial conversation to final sign-off, we design our approach to work for you.

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