Home Front

The picture that is portrayed by the latest survey of housebuilders and constructors gives us a reason to be optimistic.

Some 50% of respondents reported an expansion in output in June, which compares to just 8.2% in April.

To give the figures some context, if this trend continues, we will witness the highest surge in the sector since late 2018. And that has to be good news.

The next challenge will be to incorporate demands for sustainable, nature-based solutions into all new developments.

Green Houses

The government’s own environmental bill and early post-lockdown initiatives, like the ‘Green Deal’ on insulation, all point toward this need for expert environmental planning and design.

At Valley Provincial, we have over 25 years of experience working closely with leading residential developers to ensure their schemes are enhanced with the right kind of environmental designs.

Covering all hard and soft landscaping requirements, we understand how to meet the demands of biodiversity, BREEAM and sustainability, so that schemes meet these goals and create attractive settings for healthier communities.

With the right kind of forethought and the right kind of partnership, what we build together today will continue to build a better tomorrow.

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