Our workspaces and offices are having to accommodate new ways of working, new kinds of precautions, new safety measures and new sanitiser equipment.

So how do we stay safe and still have offices or workspaces we want to work in?

An answer you can really live with

As we prepare for a return to offices, however limited, it is important that we have health and precautionary measures in place. At Valley Provincial we have taken this idea to heart.

Our ‘living screens’ are just that, space-divider screens that are composed of living plants. A natural division that is pleasant on the eye as well as an oxygen producing. On top of that, they are a toxin and sound absorbing resource that improves morale and air quality.

Not bad for a piece of hygienic office furniture.

We developed our living screens with flexibility in mind. Self-contained, fully mobile and available in a range of sizes, there’s no reason why office spaces can’t be more alive than ever.

We will even maintain and care for them ensuring your living screens remain intact. Just another way we help you bring your office spaces safely back to life again.

And for where living screens are neither practical nor desirable, we do have a range of barriers that can quickly define and demarcate space.

Solution Solutions

Another area of concern is the dispensing of hand-sanitisers. Office spaces and other areas of high traffic need smart, stream-lined and safe solutions, something that avoids messy and unsightly bottle stations and dispensers.

Our sleek, free-standing dispensers are just that, pedal-operated so no hand contact guaranteed, they are able to fit into any office décor and any office safety regime. They really are your solution solution.

You can see details of our range here, so you can wash your hands of sanitiser equipment worries.

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