As the year turns, all thoughts must turn to changes in the weather and the inevitable challenges that can bring.

For those of us responsible for managing corporate grounds, parklands, gardens, playgrounds and any kind of public space, this is the time of year we ask the question, are we winter-ready?

Compliments of the Season

For teams with responsibility for grounds maintenance, winter really starts in autumn. Leaf fall, first frosts, storm frequency and wind damage, higher rainfall and sitting moisture; all can lead to potential hazards or store up trouble for the season ahead.

Hazards can be overhead or underfoot. From falling or weakened tree limbs to the lifting of pavements and other surfaces, there are many potential problems that can lead to serious risk.

Managing these challenges takes preparation and precautionary measures. With the right kind of planning, and the right checklist, we can all beat the winter blues.

Safe Winter Wonderlands

At Valley Provincial we have an experienced team who know what to look out for. Alongside this they also know what to deal with before it becomes a real problem.

Identify certain locations, surfaces or trees and plant growth that represent actual or potential hazards and add to your action plans. We tackle not only existing concerns but better prepare your grounds or estate to avoid issues in the months ahead.

Because we combine tree and foliage management with remedial works and emergency clearing services, all aspects of autumn and winter grounds maintenance are taken care of.

As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad preparation. With Valley Provincial, you can be confident that your grounds can remain safe, no matter the weather.

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