Ensure you have a contingency plan to keep your commercial property safe, open and operational during the winter months

As the UK braces itself for the winter, reports from forecasters Exacta Weather are predicting the country could be hit by snow and freezing temperatures in November and December. The cooler temperatures are set to last right into January and could have a major impact on companies if action isn’t taken.

Freezing weather cost the UK economy £1bn following the impact of the ‘beast from the East’ and Storm Emma in March this last year. The big freeze which swept parts of the UK in succession caused huge disruption to roads, rail, airports and schools, and even saw businesses grippling to stay open. Many companies were ill-prepared for the weather with the blankets of snow followed by icy conditions and plummeting temperatures of -10C.

Snow and ice is often responsible for an increased amount of accidents, many of which could be avoided by business owners. So, before temperatures plummet, a business contingency plan should be the top priority for firms who are likely to be affected by the snow.

Business owners need to create the safest environment for members of the public, visitors and employees against ice and snow on their premises because this will demonstrate a duty of care and in the long run will serve its purpose. This is especially necessary for property management companies who rent commercial premises out to tenants.

In recent years, findings from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) , suggest that people are not taking action to treat snow on their premises for fear of being sued by someone seeking a claim for slipping over, and that trying to make conditions easier for pedestrians could leave them open to claims if someone subsequently has an accident. The RoSPA puts accident prevention ahead of fears and still advises business owners that they still have a duty during adverse weather to take reasonable care to ensure the safety of others using their land, particularly when it is snowing and conditions are icy.

For business owners a number of steps need to be taken to ensure their premises and its environment are safe for all users. This includes clearing and gritting pathways and car parks, as poor conditions can make surfaces hazardous and slippery as slips, trips and falls are the most common types of accident.

Valley provincial has 30 years’ experience of providing commercial winter and gritting services and keeping businesses operational throughout the winter. This includes:

  • Gritting services
  • Clearance of snow and ice
  • Providing Grit bins
  • Replenishment services
  • Equipment supply
  • Rock salt supplies

During the winter months don’t get caught out by the snow!

Valley provincial prides itself on providing a rapid response service during this heightened season of cold weather, which will see many businesses experience unexpected emergencies.

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