Valley Provincial awarded Constructionline Gold

We are proud to have achieved gold membership with Constructionline – the UK provider of procurement and supply chain management. 

With over 2 million people currently employed in the UK construction industry, employers must be able to demonstrate compliance with employment regulations. The sector is also heavily regulated to control it’s social and environmental impact.

In 1988 the government established Constructionline as a register for pre-qualified contractors and consultants. It presented a means of simplifying procurement by reducing risk and ensuring legal compliance within the industry. By using a supplier who is a Constructionline member, buyers can expect to simplify and speed up their search, validation and purchasing decision making processes.

Already a Constructionline Silver member, Valley Provincial has now achieved Constructionline Gold membership accreditation.

What does Constructionline Gold mean?

For Valley Provincial, securing Gold membership strengthens our negotiating position. It provides clients with assurance that we are a fully compliant, approved and accredited supplier, thereby streamlining the award process.

It also underlines our status as a responsible employer, affirming we have implemented proactive equality and diversity practices.

For our clients, Constructionline Gold demonstrates we meet and exceed challenging criteria, and that ongoing compliance is guaranteed by regular audits. The Constructionline assessment is built around the key requirements of several large property developers, thereby a membership status provides assurance that essential standards are already in place. This not only gives client’s confidence in our ability to deliver practically, but also to deliver on their own organisation’s procurement goals and project-specific environmental targets.

How has Valley Provincial achieved Constructionline Gold?

To achieve Constructionline Gold membership accreditation we have had to prove compliance in many areas of policy and practice, including;

  • Physical safety, mental health and well-being.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Anti-slavery and right to work.
  • Equal opportunities.
  • Prevention of tax evasion.

By successfully achieving accreditation we are now a stronger organisation and a more valuable construction partner.

Streamline your landscaping procurement

Choose Valley Provincial as your commercial landscaping partner and you will immediately benefit from our Constructionline Gold membership.

The whole on-boarding process will be simplified, with fewer documents to check and the peace of mind you will be entrusting your project to a competent and reliable company.

If you would like to learn more about Valley Provincial and the benefits that our Constructionline membership can bring to your business, please contact us on 01322 279799 or [email protected].