Step Change

Construction has long played a part in galvanising our economy and as the sector’s Leadership Council reports on the task ahead, it recommends a strategy set out in three steps; ‘Restart’, ‘Reset’ and, perhaps most importantly of all, ‘Reinvent’.

Essentially, these steps challenge the construction industry in the UK to use the current hiatus to rethink and reengineer how it works, to drive better efficiencies, better methods and better outcomes.

At the heart of the ‘Reinvent’ challenge is a new emphasis on ‘Decarbonisation’ and how to introduce long-term environmental improvements. Decarbonisation should act as the lynchpin of what is meant by ‘better methods’ and ‘better results’.

If the industry is to move forward in this way, then it is going to need the right kind of skills, the right kind of resources and, most critically, the right kind of partnerships.

Green Shoots

At Valley Provincial, we are ready to help support new growth and an accompanying focus on decarbonisation and broader environmental thinking.

Our team has the design skills as well as the experience needed to translate requirements into practical and transformative installations for construction and rejuvenation schemes.

The key learning is to always ‘think early, or even better, think first’. Effective environmental design is not a consequence of after-thought. It needs to be integrated into the planning and architectural phase of any build. In that way, an effective, impactful and sympathetic result is assured.

Our environmental planners and designers work seamlessly with contractors and logistics teams to deliver the right outcome for any development, no matter its scale or ambition.

We all want to see the green shoots of recovery. We all know the vital role the construction sector has in getting the economy moving again. At Valley Provincial, we have the commitment and know-how to make sure those green shoots grow as effectively as possible.