We all relish time outside but there are particular demands that come with managing outdoor environments frequented by staff, visitors or residents.

Here’s an overview of key tasks and how to keep on top of summer grounds management.


Extra light at this time of year means that the RHS recommends mowing lawns twice a week. Even a modest amount of grass can be time-consuming to maintain. So is to ensure that blades are sharp as it is easy to damage the lawn by tearing rather than cutting it.


Shrubs are an elegant way to keep year-round greenery in borders, with hydrangeas and cistus perfect for summer colour. They require pruning to improve strength and improve flowering. Also there is a routine requirement to remove damaged or diseased wood. After pruning, make sure to mulch and feed.


Trees create visual impact and definition in landscaped environments and do vital work preventing flooding and soil erosion as well as absorbing stormwater. Ultimately tree care is a specialist area. For example when it comes to crown reduction, and thinning, balancing and ivy removal all play a part in prolonging tree health and ensuring that they remain safe in locations where people spend time outdoors.

Keeping the summer easy

Summer grounds management for residential, work and public spaces requires more than maintaining their appeal, it also demands that the grounds are safe, whatever the season.

This is why Valley Provincial offers comprehensive grounds management to make sure that they look their best and that any issues are dealt with. We even offer a Rapid Response team to take care of the unexpected, like broken or damaged gates, fences, seating or paving.

Because, while the weather is good, and people are outside for longer, it is good to know that grounds can be taken care of with the utmost professionalism and with the minimum of fuss.

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