The Met Office has said next month could well be colder than average but with British weather so unpredictable, rather than long-term forecasts, long-term planning is the answer to whatever the Winter brings.

Here’s our Top 5 Tips to Winter Grounds Maintenance.


Tree Inspection

Inspection of all tress should take place in preparation for any bad or prolonged weather event. High winds, damage from ice and frost, extra weight from snowfall, all can add stresses to tree limbs or entire trees. Spotting any existing weaknesses is a must to avoid potential dangers.

Tree / Limb Removal

Anticipating potential hazards can mean the proactive cutting or entire removal of trees. Ideally it’s completed as much in advance of the arrival of bad weather as possible. At Valley Provincial, we liaise with local authorities where necessary to ensure safer working conditions and easier removal of leaf and limb debris.

Gritting Pathways

This might seem an obvious tip but timing is everything. Anticipating freezing conditions by gritting early and effectively can keep pathways safe and clear whilst avoiding potential hazards from refreeze and grit build-up being walked into properties. After an initial gritting, little but often is key.

Leaf Mulch / Moss Management

Even without freezing temperatures there are other seasonal hazards under foot. Leaf mulch and mosses can create an emulsion on paths that is just as slippery as ice or snow. In fact, without a frost to break them down they can become a prolonged problem made worse as they compact. Repeated debris removal and treatment of surfaces is vital to manage this.

Major Damage Contingency

Winter is all about the unexpected. A storm or prolonged winds and / or snowfall can cause structural damage. Dealing with a blown-over fence, a damaged landscape feature, paving issues or other significant events means it is helpful to know who and what resources are at hand. It is why we offer a rapid response team, there to help you deal with any urgent issue.

Here for you

At Valley Provincial, our Winter Maintenance teams has the experience and the resources to deal with all winter eventualities. If you need any further advice do not hesitate to contact us.