Trees work hard for our cities.

They can reduce air temperature by some five degrees due to shading and channelling of breezes, and also act as a natural air filter absorbing carbon emissions and air-pollutants. They act as a natural defence against soil erosion and help prevent flooding.

But it is their social and psychological benefits that are being increasingly appreciated. Shinrin Yoku is the Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’ and is now encouraged as an approach to improve wellbeing all over the world. Spending time just sitting amongst trees has a beneficial effect on reducing stress levels and improving mood.

As trees are seen as a natural comfort, it is not surprising that property prices in urban areas that have mature trees enjoy a 5-18% premium. It really does pay to plant trees.


A personal passion

At Valley Provincial we are as passionate about trees. You could say we have made that passion our business.

We have a team dedicated to the planting, husbandry and general care of all kinds of tree types. This can be a busy time of year for them as we approach Autumn and leaf drop, wind damage and other inconveniences begin to materialise.

To help clients manage estates, we carry out tree surveys, so that they can be confident that the trees on their land are cared for and can be enjoyed all year round. And should tree damage occur, we are used to liaising with local authorities and managing emergencies so that areas remain safe for public use.

Our trees give us all so much. At Valley Provincial we are glad we have the know-how to ensure they can continue to, whatever the time of year.

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