Lockdown has given many of us a prolonged experience of home-working that we may not have had before.

We have discovered that we can be both productive and effective. As a result this is likely to bring about lasting change to working practices for employees and employers alike.

The pandemic may have changed the business landscape forever, but it has also placed a new value on what we have previously taken for granted.

It has highlighted, too, just how important real-time, real-world interaction can be. As John Bell, Managing Partner of Glenny LLP, comments on re-opening their offices: “We cannot underestimate the importance of a physical work environment. Our offices are designed for people to communicate and collaborate.”

This seems to echo the views of other business leaders who are placing a new premium on office time for employees, clients and customers equally. Increasingly, our workspaces will be about quality interaction and impact. Less about “working” and more about “wow-ing”.


At Valley Provincial, we have always understood the importance of impactful workspace plant displays to create the right tone for staff and clients alike.

We have over 40 years of experience working for a range of high-profile organisations to create inspiration in their workspace using fresh flowers and plant displays with professionalism and attention to detail.

As we adjust to a new world, our workspaces will become touchstones for our values. It’s why there has never been a more important role for interior and exterior planting. Specifically the environment they create and the growth they inspire.

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