Invasive, strong and hard to get rid of – yes, it’s Japanese knotweed. The pesky weed is a nightmare for gardeners and property owners everywhere.

It’s got such a bad reputation, in fact, that it puts people off buying a property. Just the sight of the stuff can make potential buyers run a mile. This week’s blog explores the problems it poses, and how to solve your knotweed woe.

Japanese Knotweed – Why do people hate it?

Japanese knotweed is listed as one of the world’s worst invasive species by the World Conservation Union. Why? It’s because its roots are so strong and invasive. They spread underground – as do the stems above ground – and force their way into any weak structural components or cracks. It’s such a nuisance, in fact, that the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act prohibits people from growing it or causing it to spread in the wild.

Ok – why not get rid of it? There lies another problem. Its strong root system means it takes a huge amount of digging to remove the plant completely. Then, when it has been dug, the law views knotweed as ‘controlled waste’. It can’t be thrown away with general garden waste or at a regular landfill. Instead, it has to be disposed of correctly at a licenced landfill. Essentially, it means more money being spent getting rid.

Problematic for buyers

At this point, you’re probably well aware why Japanese knotweed puts off buyers. Purchasing property infested by Japanese knotweed is essentially taking on the problem yourself. It’s a big cost and a lot of hassle on top of the property purchase. Plus, buyers can’t be sure just how bad the problem is.

Try to sell a property with it, you’ll soon find buyers are offering way below your asking price or simply losing interest. You could try removing it – but as discussed, it’s not the simplest of tasks. It takes hours of work, lots of hassle finding a licenced landfill. Plus, you can never be 100% sure your DIY job has fully eradicated the problem. So, what’s the solution?

An answer to your knotweed nightmare

At Valley Provincial, we are experienced in treating and completely eradicating Japanese knotweed. Our full grounds maintenance service covers both rapid response and ongoing care, to ensure your property is free from invasive weeds. With our help, you’ll be free to sell your property without any issues. Sound good? Get in touch today to speak about your requirements.