Decades working within hospitality means Valley Provincial manage all aspects of hotel landscaping and grounds management


Soft landscaping enhances the appearance of grounds. For that reason we offer comprehensive landscape maintenance services. Our team care for your trees, shrubs and lawns, guaranteeing upkeep every season.
In the event there’s a need to renovate dilapidated or damaged landscape features, we can help. Valley Provincial work on time and on budget as it is all part of the complete service we provide.
For large upgrades, our hotel landscaping construction team takes the lead. They work with clients and contractors to ensure they take in every detail. By managing and value engineering from initial design stage through to completion we’re part of the entire process
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Our Winter Safety scheme operates on either a contracted or a call-out basis. It includes gritting, rock salt and snow clearance, even if you only go for the call out option. We also have a rapid response team to deal with urgent issues such as storm damage, vandalism or fly-tipping. So you can rest assured that your grounds will remain safe for public access and use.
Together with creating the ideal welcome, our teams manage and perfect all planting and floral displays. Likewise, our designers and technicians create schemes for forecourts, courtyards and roof gardens.
Once inside, the impact that we create will be equally matched. Whether reception areas, break out spaces or meeting rooms, our leading designers create the entrance you hoped for. Also, they will care for plants, living walls, fresh flowers, as well as seasonal displays.
It’s an all-round approach, allowing your operations to run smoothly in the setting your guests and staff will undoubtedly value.
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