Valley Provincial manages all indoor & outdoor grounds maintenance alongside healthcare landscape design requirements

Our reliable grounds management team completes all essential maintenance so you don’t have to. Grass and hedge cutting, weeding, litter picking are but a few of the areas we cover. With planting taken care of, we preserve the highest standards of safety. Above all, we ensure a pleasant experience for patients and visitors alike.

Also, if you’re planning large landscape design for your healthcare property, our construction team can help. From initial plans to final handover we’re there to assist every step of the way whenever you need us.

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Unfailing support and expertise

We understand the importance of wellbeing. With this is mind, our expertise creates planting schemes and boosts the benefits of horticulture. This applies across all healthcare facilities, inside and outside.
Overall we offer a reliable, flexible and responsive one-stop service. As a result, we’re the chosen partner of many of the UK’s largest healthcare groups and care homes. Our landscape and ground management services are available simultaneously to them all.
Working in a care environment has particular management requirements of healthcare property portfolios. But, you can rely on unfailing support and expertise from Valley Provincial.
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