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Our team begins all projects for hard landscaping in London by working closely with both main contractors and landscape architects. This allows us to understand your goals and value engineer solutions, advise on best materials to use, set milestones and figure out the logistics to complete the job successfully.

The key to securing outstanding results for all of our commercial hard landscaping in London is using a wide range of specialist surface finishes, street furniture and lighting to bring a design vision to life.

It’s a complete approach that truly matters

Hard Landscaping Contractors

The experienced hard landscaping contractors in London, here at Valley Provincial, create beautiful outdoor spaces for citizens to live, work and play.

With our expertise, we can also ensure that hard landscaping works in harmony with soft landscaping and completes an environment that will benefit residents and staff for years to come.

It is why, no matter the scope and ambition of a scheme, developers and architects know they can trust us to deliver exceptional results whenever they require a bespoke hardscaping solution for commercial spaces. So speak to our experienced hard landscaping contractors today.


What is hard landscaping?

Hard landscaping is the term used to describe all non-plant related elements used to enhance the look and usability of outdoor spaces. This includes paths, fences, gates, walls, steps and more.

What are the benefits of hard landscaping?

Hardscaping can help add dimension, create boundaries and make public and commercial outdoor spaces more appealing to visitors and employees. Effective hard landscaping can additionally help divert and drain water and reduce the risk of erosion.

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“We were very impressed with Valley Provincial’s knowledge, recommendations and design concepts for the landscape construction works at our restaurant chain. Work was completed to a high standard with an exceptional attention to detail. Complications, which are inevitable in of works of this extent, where resolved promptly and satisfactorily. The restaurants now look fantastic, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Taimoor Sheikh

Some of our clients

Here are just some of the clients we work closely with. Ultimately we deliver one-stop-shop landscape services to the highest standard and ensuring that everyone can enjoy the best environment to live, work and play.

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