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We offer remedial landscape works in London to keep your operations running when the unexpected happens. It’s inevitable for commercial properties to suffer damage to their infrastructure and landscaped areas, leading to often time-consuming repairs.

Our experienced team takes care of work quickly and efficiently, covering:

-Improving the structure of an estate -Removing dangerous and damaged trees and shrubs -Preventing future safety issues

We’ll take care of your remedial landscape works, freeing up your time to spend on other priorities. Read more about our emergency tree surgery services.

It’s a complete approach that truly matters

Remedial Works London

We offer a complete service of remedial works in London for upgrading estate landscaping, providing a low-cost and effective method for transforming your grounds’ appearance. We cover everything, from initial surveys and designs to the completion of a fully implemented project. We’ll work with you to bring your design ideas to life.

We understand speed, care and experience are essential for completing work to a high standard, which is why our clients trust Valley Provincial each time. Our proven sourcing, planning and implementation methods ensure a precise service every time.

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What is remedial work?

Remedial work has to periodically be carried out to fix damage or issues with your infrastructure and landscaped areas. Due to the high volume of traffic in outdoor areas, general wear and tear is a common obscurity to your grounds. With our complete remedial service you can ensure your commercial outdoor space looks presentable and is also safe for visitors or employees.

What remedial services do you offer?

Our remedial services offer the complete solution, covering any repair work that needs to be carried out in your outdoor space. The remedial works we carry out include (but are not limited to) replacing broken paving or tiles, removing dangerous and damaged trees, installing signage to prevent future safety issues and more.

Valley Provincial, tree surveys, tree inspection, tree removal, grounds management, landscape construction, remedial work

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Some of our remedial landscape works clients

Here are just some of the clients we work closely with, delivering one-stop-shop landscape services to the highest standard and ensuring that people can enjoy the best environment in which to live, work and play.