Our expert invasive weed management in London tackles invasive species and removes the headache of managing the problem.

The issues caused by invasive plant species are a well-documented, increasing problem for landowners and can lead to legal action.

Oftentimes weed killers alone cannot eliminate a problem, which is why a professional, experienced and comprehensive service matters. With many years of experience, here at Valley Provincial, we can offer our help with invasive weed management in London.

What’s often not appreciated is the serious threat certain species pose to the value of properties. Left untreated, a weed such as Japanese knotweed represents a major commercial problem.

Get in touch with our team today and let us take care of your need for invasive weed management in London.

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Invasive Weed Control London

Our fully accredited and insurance-backed invasive weed control service in London offers complete peace of mind for property managers and architects.

At Valley Provincial, we have multiple accreditations and awards as well as the experience and equipment to manage the eradication of invasive weeds.

If you’re responsible for the management of any estate or landscaped facility, you can be confident in our invasive weed control services. Our experience in eliminating invasive plants, in addition to our insurance-backed guarantee, will provide the best solution for your commercial or public property.

Some of our clients

Here’s just some of the clients we work closely with. Above all, we deliver complete, high standard landscape services. Even more so we ensure people enjoy the best environment in which to live, work and play.


What does invasive weed control mean?

Our invasive weed control service deals with the prevention and control of unwanted and invasive plant species on your grounds. Getting rid of invasive species on your premises ensures that your other plants will get more nutrients and light. Our team is fully trained and insured, so you can rest assured that we can get the job done safely and swiftly.

What type of weeds are you able to remove?

Here at Valley Provincial, we deal with all your invasive weed removal needs. Our accredited experts can safely eradicate all invasive weed species including the big concern for commercial grounds managers – Japanese Knotweed.

Invasive weed control works

Valley Provincial, grounds management, grounds maintenance, tree management, weed control, remedial works, fencing and gates