Practical, professional and pro-active

Our teams have the hands-on skills and the landscape resources you can rely on to keep any location just as it should be, across all retail, industrial, commercial, educational and healthcare environments, business parks and open spaces.

Whether you are looking for a regular grounds maintenance service to keep plant and tree growth attractive and hazard-free or have remedial requirements such as the eradication of invasive species, we know just what needs to be done and when, so disruption is kept to a minimum.

If you are responsible for any aspect of grounds and garden maintenance for a public or private commercial property, you’ll find we will always be there when needed, and as your one point of contact – practical, professional and always pro-active.

You can count on Valley Provincial because the secrets to any well-managed estate are second nature to us.

Grounds Maintenance

How the complete landscape management package makes a difference

We recognise that property managers face complex demands, time pressures and budget constraints so our approach to grounds maintenance is flexible and comprehensive as this best meets every client requirement.

We start by taking the time to understand every aspect of your outdoor environment, whether we work to a regular schedule of upkeep or as a one-off at short notice.

From ongoing tree and planned maintenance through to meeting critical deadlines for renewal of signage and street furniture, clearance of dumping and fly-tipping or winter preparation and safety, we are here for you.

This commitment has allowed us to not just manage landscapes but maintain relationships with many professionals and their companies, season after season, year after year.

It’s a comprehensive approach that works for every client, and every environment