Taking responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of our business activities

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is aligned with our vision and core values, and demonstrates the acknowledgement of our role in the environments and communities in which we work.

Valley Provincial Group are committed to continually improving our performance as a socially responsible company and work with our staff, our clients and our subcontractors to maintain this approach. As an SME we are able to react quickly and work closely with our partners and the communities in which we operate to minimise the impact made by our presence. We do this by conducting ourselves in a professional manner, ensuring we are approachable, understanding, reactive and ethical.

Our core values are reflected in our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, ensuring that these beliefs are conveyed directly to our clients, employees, supply chain and those people living and working amongst the places in which we are contracted to work.

Corporate Responsibility

Sustainable Development

We work with partner organisations to reduce the mark we make, safeguarding the environment for future generations. We understand the importance of sustainability, and grow our business through means and practices that embrace this.

There are many elements to consider in interior and exterior landscaping. We take them all very seriously by incorporating green and sustainable practices across our company. This includes recycling or reusing materials, reducing energy and water waste, minimising waste through accurate estimating and purchasing, and complying with all the requirements of our ISO 14001 and other certifications.

We use cutting-edge practises and utilise latest innovations to minimise waste and maximise efficiency. Our policies and certifications demonstrate our commitment to sustainable and quality practises.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Valley Provincial Group operates an Environmental Management System. Its key points can be summarised as acting to protect the environment by preventing and eliminating environmental pollution through:

  • Continual education in order to prevent environmental pollution, preserve natural resources and improve the Environmental Management System.
  • Continual raising of environmental awareness and its importance.
  • Decrease of non-renewable energy consumption and replacement with renewable energy sources.
  • Activities that emerge from the context of the organisation.
  • Following environmental procedures in order to decrease environmental pollution and prevent degradation and damage to the environment.
  • Decrease of adverse impact on water, soil, air and biodiversity.

Our environmental policy can be made available on request.

Community Benefit and Involvement

Our community benefits are direct and meaningful – delivering successful projects that improve everyday life for years to come. Our exterior landscape services create outdoor spaces that enhance people’s qualify of life, whilst our interior landscaping projects provide key health and physiological benefits in buildings where community’s work or visit. Our development of sport, play and recreational spaces also provides direct community benefit, helping to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for community members.

Community communication is achieved through social media networks and newsletters to interested individuals, where updates and key messages are shared. By working with people who live and work in communities, we can develop better, more targeted projects that address their needs and minimise disruption where work takes place. At all times we strive to be open, personal and available for local community members to approach and communicate with.

Creating quality employment opportunities for local communities remains a key priority. You can read more on this in the People Development and Training section.

People Development and Training

As well as carrying out landscape projects providing direct community benefit, we also build skills, provide employment, and give confidence and life experiences for people in your communities.

We work within the community to create quality employment and training opportunities, thereby up-skilling local people and reducing unemployment statistics for local areas. Our focus on working in London and the South East means our labour resources are overwhelmingly made up of local community members. This gives them direct involvement in the creation of projects that improve their immediate or wider local area.

Training and employment are integral to the development of our business and are factored in from the start of every project. We allocate funds to staff training and development, ensuring they stay up to date with best practises, and hold performance appraisals with each member. This gives them opportunities to develop and progress in our company. Ultimately, we thrive on seeing local people gain confidence and self-worth, building valuable skills for developing and maintaining long term careers.

Supply Chains

We deliver quality projects on time and on budget that will provide benefit for years. To consistently achieve this, careful management of approved suppliers is essential. To this end, we operate on an approved supply chain list which ensures suppliers support us in this. Our supply chain includes an extensive range of organisations from architecture and consultants, to subcontractors and material suppliers. Our high standards apply to every one of these businesses or individuals. Using a combination of references, performance reviews and grading systems, we find and work with those we trust.

Wherever possible, we choose local businesses and subcontractors so as to support our immediate community, always practising a core company value that the best deals work both ways. We place value on equipping small businesses and individuals with the skillsets or services to operate in our industries, which in turn helps secure the future growth of the sectors.

Valley Provincial Group is experienced in working with local diverse businesses and Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s). This knowledge enables us to add trusted local suppliers to our own selective supply chains, meaning we can support business growth and the local economy, while reducing the environmental impact of development.

Charities & Sponsorships

Valley Provincial Group participate in activities that raise money for chosen charities, as well as making financial donations and providing staff personnel for facilitating events.