Valley Provincial Group undertakes an extensive range of exterior landscape and recreational works for Councils and Local Authorities

We are a reliable contractor carrying out a wide range of exterior landscape and recreational services to Councils and Local Authorities in London and the South East.

Our landscape services for Local Authorities include:

Grounds Maintenance

Carrying out fundamental grounds management works such as grass and hedge cutting, weeding and litter picking, as well as an extensive range of other landscape maintenance services. Able to work on single or across multiple locations.

Landscape Construction

Landscape construction services for any larger landscape projects such as car parks, communal spaces and public area redevelopments.

Hard & Soft Landscaping

Landscape works installing essential facilities such as pathways, access ramps, surfacing and street furniture, as well as softer elements such as tree and shrub planting.

Playgrounds & Recreational Spaces

Specialist playground installers with extensive capabilities in all play applications and recreational facilities.

Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs)

Complete installation of MUGAs, including sports fencing systems, all surfacing applications, lighting columns and other ancillary works.

Our extensive grounds maintenance services to Councils is provided through our Valley Landscape Management brand and covers all landscape requirements, from routine grounds maintenance tasks to one-off remedial projects, invasive weed control and a Rapid Response Service for emergency works. We also operate specialist teams for fencing and gate projects, pest control, tree management and street furniture installations. Our flexible ‘one-stop’ offer provides park and open space managers the convenience of a single contact for all exterior works, and has seen us the chosen landscape partner of many Local Authorities in London and the South East. We maintain outdoor facilities to a high standard to ensure a quality, safe and pleasant experience for visitors.

We also offer landscape construction services through our Valley Landscape Construction brand for any larger landscape projects required in public areas, such as new carpark facilitates, communal areas and entrance ways. We also undertake smaller landscape works such as pathways and street furniture.

Our specialist playground brand Playcubed Playgrounds designs and installs play areas, play equipment and play surfacing in parks and public spaces, as well as in schools. We also specialise in the installation of MUGAs and sports pitches.

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If you would like any further information on how healthcare facilities can benefit from our interior and exterior landscape services please contact us or speak with our team on 01322 279799.

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