Valley Provincial Group offers a wide range of interior and exterior landscape services to Fit-Out Contractors

We work with Fit-Out Contractors to take on entire responsibility for the interior and exterior landscape requirements of new-build or refurbishment commercial projects.

Our landscape services to Fit-Out Contractors include:

Hard & Soft Landscaping

Landscape construction services installing essential facilities such as carparks, pathways, access ramps and street furniture, as well as softer elements such as tree and shrub planting.

Roof Gardens & Terraces

Designing and installing roof gardens and terrace areas to enhance office spaces.

Plants and Floral Displays

Enhancing interior and exterior working environments with plants and flower displays.

Grounds Maintenance

Carrying out fundamental grounds management works such as grass and hedge cutting, weeding and litter picking, as well as an extensive range of other landscape maintenance services.

Our exterior landscaping services for Fit-Out Contractors are delivered by our Valley Landscape Construction brand, and include a huge range of applications – from creating carpark facilities, pathways and street furniture to installing outdoor break-out spaces, roof gardens and terrace areas. Our concept to completion approach ensures we take responsibility for every aspect of the installation and achieve quality, zero-defect project delivery. We are able to work on a Design & Build approach or through a tender basis.

Our Provincial Planters brand offers an enormous range of corporate horticulture to bring the benefits of plants and flowers into working environments across the UK. With a wide range of species, styles and colours, we create bespoke planting schemes to enhance both traditional and contemporary interior décor. Using live or replica plants and flowers, we bring our clients over 40 years of experience and are also able to work with Architects and Fit-Out contractors to create planting schemes for new or refurbished office spaces. Ongoing maintenance is carried out on by our trained technicians on a bespoke schedule.

We also offer commercial grounds maintenance services through our Valley Landscape Management brand.

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If you would like any further information on how Fit-Out Contractors can benefit from our interior and exterior landscape services please contact us or speak with our team on 01322 279799.

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